Trump Tweets Rally Video From New Hampshire – Twitter Eats Him Up


On Thursday night, Trump rallied in New Hampshire continuing to campaign on his “Keep America Great” message. However, all signs are pointing to the fact that America isn’t great right now mostly due to his presidency.

On Monday night, Trump tweeted a video after his rally ended, boasting about those came to cheer his message.

Here’s what the Twitter world had to say about it:

According to USA Today:

‘President Donald Trump touted the nation’s economy during a rally in New Hampshire on Thursday even as investors skittish over the possibility of a global slowdown have roiled markets and put the White House on defense.’

Trump told the crowd inside the Southern New Hampshire University Arena:

‘We are doing well with China despite the fact that they want to have you believe to the contrary. The tariffs are working.’

He continued saying:

‘Before the election, our factories were closing. Today our nation is stronger than ever before.’

Elizabeth Girarld, chairwoman of New Hampshire Young Republicans said:

‘New Hampshire’s economy is thriving.’

According to USA Today:

‘Around a thousand Trump supporters stood outside the arena hours before the rally started. Chants of “USA! USA! USA” broke out and supporters listened to a country music band before the doors opened.’

Despite what Trump told people, USA Today reported:

‘But the president’s visit came as his administration has sought to distance itself from wild market swings caused in part by fears of a worldwide recession and global trade wars. The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its worst plunge of the year Wednesday, though the market returned to positive territory midday Thursday.’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube