Scaramucci Responds To Trump’s Morning Tirade Like A Comedian


As the United States continues to prepare for the 2020 elections, the question remains — where is this “Trump train” even going? What outlandish policy plan are they going to roll out next? Who in the media, among marginalized communities, or elsewhere are they next going to single out? This Monday on CNN’s New Day, short-lived White House communications official Anthony Scaramucci asserted based in apparent part on real, recent conversations with current top Trump officials that some of those in the president’s upper orbit are ready and willing to turn on him as this mess unfolds. He unfortunately for those concerned about getting Trump out didn’t name names, but he laid out the path to top Republicans turning on Trump that he sees.

He told host Alisyn Camerota:

‘It’s a little bit like a cycle, I mean, if you can get the cycle started, some people that are fear-based due to the president’s bullying or the nonsense on his Twitter feed or how he handles himself personally, they’re intimidated by him. So if we can get the thing started, [it could get going]. One person said, well, if he goes down in the polls or is politically wounded a little bit, I’ll feel more comfortable coming out. The truth of the matter is, if you come out and say the truth, that will start the process.’

Scaramucci definitely seems to be himself saying the truth, and in this public forum, there’s a certainly high likelihood that whoever he’s citing here as willing to jump ship will see what he’s doing.

The former Trump supporter added:

‘It’s very tough for most people, I understand that. It’s a process for people because it’s sort of like a loyalty trap. You’re a Republican, you want to serve the president, you love the country. You know the president’s unstable, so you’re telling reporters, ‘I’m here because it would be worse if I wasn’t here.’ It’s sort of that sort of rhetoric going on inside the White House, inside the cabinet and up on Capitol Hill.’


Although Scaramucci has not said who he’s talking about in any of his recent media appearances in which he’s discussed top Trump officials’ disconnect from the president — and others like Michigan Congressman Justin Amash have also kept actual names hidden when discussing other Republicans who support steps like his call for an impeachment proceeding against Trump — there’s evidence for what Scaramucci is saying.

Although enough time has passed that the author may no longer even work for Trump, a piece appeared in The New York Times late last year purporting to be from a senior administration official and outlining a “resistance” inside the Trump team that they were an apparent part of. That piece even cited “early whispers” within the Cabinet of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office on the grounds of an inability to do the job — but that hasn’t happened.

Bob Woodward’s recent book Fear revealed more support for Scaramucci’s claims. The longtime investigative journalist revealed that at times, now former Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn conspired to simply remove items from Trump’s desk that would have catastrophic effects if he signed them. How any of this weighs on the 2020 election remains to be seen.

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