Trump Lifts Line From Chinese Cult Who Believes He Is ‘The Chosen One’


The is a group called Epoch Times which is both a highly conservative religious cult and a news organization with the news dictated by their religious fervor. It began in China, but in the past two years, it has rocketed itself in alignment with Donald Trump. Their beliefs are very strange.

They believe that POTUS is “the chosen one” who will free them from the tyranny of communist China. The group probably has not heard about his fear of military service. Senator Tammy Duckworth gave him the nickname “Cadet Bone Spurs” for cheating to get out of his place in the draft and headed toward the Vietnam War. Another person went in his place. The senator was piloting her Black Hawk when she was shot down. She lost two legs and the partial use of one of her arms.

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During the reporters’ scrum, the president did not appear particularly concerned that his trade war with China might throw the world into a global recession. Instead, he used words that have been very powerful among certain religions: “the chosen one.” He was referring to changing China:

‘Somebody had to do it. I am the chosen one.’

The president gave the appearance that he believed he was the one chosen to break the decades-long trade imbalance. Trump also told the reporters he blamed the presidents who came before him for the trade war:

‘Somebody said this is Trump’s trade war. It’s not my trade war. This is a trade war that should have taken place a long time ago by a lot of other presidents.’

Hopefully, this was just a performance for his base. Religious delusions are quite serious.

He turned slightly and looked over his shoulder at the sky. Then, he continued:

‘Somebody had to do it, so I took on China. I took on China on trade, and you know what? We’re winning.’

The commander-in-chief’s tariff embargo has thrown American farmers into a near repeat of the 1930’s Great Depression. Both German and Britain have begun to feel a tightening economy, too. What Trump did not realize was that the Chinese play the long game, whereas, the president has been short-term oriented.

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The Epoch Times has promoted wild conspiracy theories and is affiliated with the group “Q,” whose members have been sprinkled about POTUS’ rallies. The cult has invested substantial money in Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign coffers. It appeared, the group genuinely believed that the president is the second coming of Christ. Trump has begun using that language and imagery, too.

He probably should study his Bible. Early on in his political career, he spoke at a Bible college and referred to “Corinthians Two.” The correct pronunciation is “Second Corinthians” and is frequently heard in Christian churches.

In addition, the president might want to take into consideration that before the second coming of Jesus, there was an anti-Christ. He might feel more comfortable in that role.

Should Trump manage to kick off a global recession with his ill-fated tariff war, it will not bode well for his upcoming election. A good economy has been the foundation of his campaign. Many voters have been willing to overlook Trump’s moral and ethical flaws, because he has been riding the wave of a good economy that began under President Barack Obama.

The man who sits in the Oval Office said:

‘The fake news, of which many of you are members, is trying to convince the public to have a recession. The United States is doing phenomenally well, but one thing I have to do is economically take on China, because China has been ripping us off for many years.’

Check out this video of Trump playing to the camera:

‘President Trump: “I am the chosen one.”‘

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