Trump’s New Ratings Are In & The Numbers Have Him Raging


The president has a lot of issues due to his ghastly personality. While half of the country supports him because of his race-baiting, nazi-loving rhetoric, the fact remains that his supporters wouldn’t be able to stand his constant show-boating and braggadocios behavior in person for any amount of time.

Now, Trump’s approval ratings have experienced another dip that will surely get the president’s blood boiling on Twitter momentarily.

According to a new CNN poll, Trump has lost support due to the recent economic scares coming from experts who say we are heading into a recession very soon.

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CNN reports that:

“The study was conducted for CNN via telephone by SSRS, an independent research company. Interviews were conducted from August 15-18, 2019 among a sample of 1,001 respondents. The landline total respondents were351 and there were 650 cell phone respondents. The margin of sampling error for total respondents is +/- 3.7 at the 95% confidence level. The design effect is 1.46. More information about SSRS can be obtained by Question text noted in parentheses was rotated or randomized. Unless otherwise noted, results beginning with the March 31-April 2, 2006 survey and ending with the April 22-25, 2017 survey are from surveys conducted by ORC International. Results before March 31, 2006 are from surveys conducted by Gallup.”

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CNN continues:

“Interviews were conducted among a representative sample of the adult population, age 18 or older, of the United States. Members of demographic groups not shown in the published crosstabs are represented in the results for each question in the poll. Crosstabs on the pages that follow only include results for subgroups with a minimum n=125 unweighted cases. Results for subgroups with fewer than n=125 unweighted cases are not displayed and instead are denoted with “SN” because samples of that size carry larger margins of sampling error and can be too small to be projectable with confidence to their true values in the population.”