Evangelical Christian Minister Tells Trump He’s No Messiah


There are a couple of serious problems with Donald Trump standing on the White House lawn and declaring himself “the chosen one.” The first one is that it sounds as if has a Messianic complex which can be a very serious mental health condition. The second problem is blasphemy.

Full-time evangelist and founder of Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries, based in Wichita Falls, Texas Jay Lowder wrote an op/ed for The Washington Post to delve more into the blasphemy issue:

‘I am a conservative evangelical who cast my vote for Trump for the very same reason many other evangelicals did: his conservative stance on issues concerning abortion and religious freedom. I visited Washington last October for a briefing at which faith leaders listened to White House officials address many policy issues.’

Then, he spoke to being a good Christian:

‘Christians cannot proclaim their morals, family values and faith, then sit down when such values are tainted and misrepresented by the very leaders we say we support. Imagine for one minute if President Barack Obama had made similar claims during his administration. The reaction would be quite different.’

The writer said that many in the evangelical community have been pleased with Trump’s work:

‘The support has been unwavering, as he enjoys high marks from about 70 percent of evangelicals, many of whom are so concerned with protecting their rights and key issues that they don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize that support for Trump and cause people to vote against him.’

Lowder has not been one of those Christians, after a tweet by conspiracy theorist and radio host Wayne Allyn Root:

‘The Jewish people love [Trump] … like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God.’

He pointed to the Bible, Isaiah 44:6:

‘Christians believe and profess that the only true “King of Israel” is God, as clearly stated in Isaiah 44:6, and that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, into this world. That makes the description of Trump as “the second coming of God” shocking, blasphemous and sacrilegious.’

He noted that the ensuing silence was “deafening:”

‘Trump is neither the “Second Coming of God” nor the “Messiah.” In repeating the profane quote, he gave a narcissistic endorsement and even thanked Root, a well-known conspiracy theorist, for his words. Messianic claims are dangerous, because God does not share glory with anyone.’

Lowden called on evangelical Christians to speak out for Christian values:

‘Being fair and equitable does not mean simply applauding what many of us endorse about Trump, including his stance on abortion, his promotion of freedom of religion, his appointment of conservative judges and his aggressive support for Israel. We must also vocally denounce his blatantly egregious actions, including not only Wednesday’s tweets but also his consistently negative interactions and dialogue with people of different races, genders and ethnicities.’

He also pointed out the need for consistency:

‘As evangelicals, we have taken a hard line on conservative values, but we have also been moving our standards to fit our narrative. If we are going to condone or condemn certain actions, policies or behaviors coming from the current administration, then we had better be ready to do the same with the next president.’

Then, he ended with this call to action:

‘Otherwise, we will continue to lose credibility and display a polluted brand of Christianity that is word without deed — completely unlike that of the true Messiah we claim to follow.’

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