Former Danish Leader Lashes Out Over Trump’s Latest Twitter Meltdown


For some reason, as has long made the rounds by now, President Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland. He took personal offense and pouted via cancelling a planned September trip to Denmark (which owns Greenland) after their current Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen denounced his aim as “absurd.” Now, the country’s most recent prime minister before Frederiksen has chimed in to denounce Trump as well, adding yet another foil to this foray into bizarro world that is the president of the United States randomly seeking the purchase of a large portion of another country’s territory and pouting when they refuse.

Denmark’s former Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen was responding to Trump taking his new feud with his country into familiar territory — complaints that they’re supposedly not spending enough on their own defense. After Trump complained that their planned defense spending levels are only at about 1.5 percent of their GDP instead of the 2 percent that he has taken as a gold standard, Rasmussen responded bluntly on Twitter for all the world to see:

‘And – as i told You at the NATO Summit in Bruxelles last year – we have had (proportionally) exactly the same numbers of casualties in Afghanistan as US. We always stands firm and ready – so we will not accept that our defence willingness is only about percentages.’

Trump has repeatedly and consistently complained that NATO member countries aren’t spending 2 percent of their GDP on defense, but to be clear, that level is part of a nonbinding agreement that the countries agreed to as a goal for the near future. The levels below that flatly do not represent the break with some sacred agreement that Trump has proclaimed, going so far all the same to repeatedly threaten to cut Europe off entirely if they didn’t get more in line with what he considered “fair.”

In other words, the United States remains at the whims of the perception of “fairness” held by a sleazy businessman from New York who struggles to even maintain a basic grasp on reality, dismissing it as he sees fit when trying to bolster his position in public rallies and the like.

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