Trump Attacks Foreign Ally On Twitter Before G7 Summit


Donald Trump says he is “the chose one,” and retweets that he is “the second coming of God.” Someone with a Messiah complex has grandiose feelings about his own abilities and sense of entitlement. He shows no regard for others but demands special loyalties and privileges. It will be interesting to watch the president as he heads to the G7 Summit of our allies and see how he behaves. Take Germany for example.

POTUS started off his day tweeting about this longtime U.S. ally. Last year, he insulted the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau before his plane even landed. Trump tweeted today that “Germany competes with the USA.” Then, he ramped it up, urging our Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell — “They move like quicksand. Fight or go home:”

‘Germany sells 30 year bonds offering negative yields. Germany competes with the USA. Our Federal Reserve does not allow us to do what we must do. They put us at a disadvantage against our competition. Strong Dollar, No Inflation! They move like quicksand. Fight or go home!’

Trump insulted the Prime Minister of Denmark after she refused to sell him Greenland. People thought it was a joke, but the commander-in-chief was deadly serious. Some pundits laughed, and certainly, the world has been laughing at Trump. Perhaps though, everyone should take the man in the Oval Office very seriously.

Twitter world took off. Check out these favorites:

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