Trump Just Tweeted About Sean Spicer On Dancing With The Stars


President Donald Trump rarely gives up an opportunity to weigh in on big public image issues of the day, even when that’s at the expense of, well, everything else. This Thursday evening, he got on Twitter to show support for his former press secretary Sean Spicer’s upcoming time on the ABC reality show Dancing with the Stars, which was announced just this week. Spicer gained national prominence via lying for Trump with gusto from literally his very first day on the job and the infamous Trump inauguration crowd size dispute, but ABC gave him a pass anyway.

Trump shared:

‘Just heard that Sean Spicer will be on “Dancing with the Stars.” He will do great. A terrific person who loves our Country dearly!’

And how exactly does Trump “know” Spicer will do terrific? Is it the same cutting edge intelligence that led to the grand plan to invite himself to Denmark and then cancel in a huff after their prime minister rebuffed his abruptly announced aim to buy part of their country? Is it the same brand-building prowess that helped land The Apprentice its place as a derided thing of the past defined as much by Trump’s own personal belligerence as anything else in the minds of many? Perhaps it’s the fact that he’s been reported to vet potential new recruits by their literal public image — so maybe he’s already considered what Spicer would be like on a reality show long before this.

Spicer, for his part, tried to paint his relationship with Trump as essentially all smiles during a July 2018 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live promoting a memoir he wrote. Rather than some kind of feud with the president like those that have marked his relationships with other aides, Spicer claimed he resigned because he’d “become the story too often” and that Trump even supposedly asked him to stay on. He resigned during an uproar over the ultimately short-lived addition of Anthony Scaramucci to the White House communications team. Scaramucci most recently has been stumping against Trump in cable news appearances.

Check out Twitter’s response…

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