Former WH Communications Director Says Trump ‘Completely Lost It’


In a normal world, at a more normal time before Donald Trump accidentally won the presidency, a former White House communications director going on Meet the Press to say that the current president, the president he served under, has “completely lost it” would have been truly alarming. In Trump World, it’s just Friday.

The communications director who served for only 10 days before being fired, because that’s somehow become normal in the new Trump World, told Chuck Todd that Trump’s recent behavior indicates that he’s truly in meltdown mode following reports that indicators of an economic recession have been seen. On Friday, Trump issued dozens of tweets and retweets throughout the day, each praising his leadership or spreading more conspiracy theories. He’s lashed out at Scaramucci and the Fed chair, Jerome Powell, who Trump appointed, calling him an “enemy.”

‘He has totally and completely lost it. There is nobody that can look at the situation, read the tweets, look at the press sprays, and say he hasn’t lost it.’

Scaramucci himself was once a Trump follower, but recently decided to speak out against his former boss. For many, the move has been seen as a way to get his face and name back into the press. However, Scaramucci says he has his own reasons.

According to Vox:

‘The definitive break between the former allies came after Scaramucci went on MSNBC on August 10 and characterized Trump’s trip to visit mass shooting victims in El Paso, Texas, as a “catastrophe.” This was the visit in which the president was recorded attacking his Democratic rivals and bragging about crowd sizes at his rallies, and he was photographedghoulishly making a thumbs-up gesture alongside a baby orphaned by a shooter who took cues from his rhetoric.’

Regardless of the reasons why Trump’s former employees have since spoken ill of him, such as Scaramucci and Omarosa Manigault-Newman, their hiring was Trump’s decision and ensuring that they were competent for the job they were appointed to do was his responsibility. Perhaps if the White House wasn’t such a circus under Trump, he wouldn’t have former employees telling reporters that he’s not only unfit for office, but dictatorial and harmful to the country.

‘You know, he may not be in early-stage dementia, but he’s in full-blown early-stage fascism.’

For the full segment, see video below:


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