Trump Goes On Wild Friday Night Twitter Spree Like A Lunatic


If Trump’s Twitter timeline is any reflection of his current state of the mind, the current president is frantic. Dozens and dozens of tweets and retweets came from his personal Twitter account throughout the day, reflecting the president’s most pressing concerns; things like the latest Trump praise from Diamond and Silk, Fox News’ ratings, who’s been hired at CNN, and randomly, a brief mention of a funeral that the vice president attended.

While the president should be concerning himself with what is sure to be a contentious trip to meet with world leaders at the G7 Summit, he instead spent the entire day watching Fox News and playing on Twitter, throwing tantrums about his disastrous approval ratings and insisting that the economy is booming despite warnings of recession indicators.

The idea that Trump is incensed over someone he calls a liar being hired at CNN is more than a little comical and ironic, but his incessant praise of Fox News (although he was quick to insist that their polls are “fake news”) and the liars who work there make it all the more hypocritical. It’s a shame that liars can’t be fired from powerful positions with enormous public platforms, isn’t it?

Further, his casual mention of the funeral attended by Mike Pence, because Trump would never deign to stand in the rain, makes his professed love of the military even more a sad commentary on the fake president with the fake persona that he’s pushed onto just enough of the American public to make it into office. While CNN’s ratings were worthy of multiple tweets and retweets, the death of a soldier was worth only one, in which Trump couldn’t even manage to remember that the proper sentiment is “deepest condolences,” not “highest condolences.”

Twitter had a big reaction to Trump’s endless social media drivel. Check out their responses below: