Trump Team Creates Drama At G7 Summit – Leaders Brace For Chaos


The president always has a hard time in social settings. He needs to be the center of attention at all times, and so, sharing a stage (or a camera) with other world leaders typically leads to some pretty embarrassing moments, like when Trump visibly pushed his way to the front of a crowd.

The G7 Summit is off and running Saturday morning as French President Manuel Macron and the POTUS have already sat for breakfast, which had its own humiliating times.

Now, the president’s team is stirring up trouble and creating drama, as per the usual for President Trump. If something isn’t making enough headlines, it almost seems as if Trump directs his staffers to act like fools.

According to POLITICO:

“Far from traveling to France with conciliatory language, senior U.S. officials opened fire on arrival, with one of them accusing Macron of seeking “to fracture the G7.” The official accused Macron of trying to shift focus away from trade to issues such as climate change, which will play well in France and leave the U.S. looking isolated. That accusation was swiftly denied by the French camp.”

The publication continues:

“Macron insisted he was out to prevent a further escalation of trade conflicts. “Trade tensions are bad for everyone, we have to try to get a de-escalation, to stabilize things to avoid this trade war that is happening everywhere,” Macron said.”

The summit is expected to get even more uncomfortable as soon as Trump’s trade war with China is mentioned, and you just know Trump will be the one who brings it up first to brag about it as a win for America when it’s anything but.