Cindy McCain Defiantly Denounces Trump During ‘CNN Sunday’ Appearance


A portion of those on the right continue to make their voices heard against President Donald Trump’s relentlessly belligerent, volatile behavior. That group includes Cindy McCain, who’s the widow of the long-serving U.S. Senator John McCain and who appeared this weekend on Sunday morning cable news including CNN’s State of the Union. While there, she straightforwardly denounced Trump’s veers off into his egomania, which at this point — even well beyond his recent description of himself as the “chosen one” — have come to define his presidency. Trump doesn’t take counsel or weigh his decisions through legal precedent. He tweets.

Cindy McCain told CNN’s Brianna Keilar, discussing her husband:

‘There’s so many things I miss most about him. I think most of all was his voice of reason and his common sense. He exhibited that not only in his daily work life, but at home.’

Asked what John might think of the “current state of American politics,” McCain added:

‘I think he’d be very disappointed. In fact, I know he would be. He would be saddened by the digression that these conversations and these debates have taken, and also saddened that we’re so disoriented within the world right now. We had time to talk before he died, and he was very frustrated with what was going on then, and I think now, he’d be even more frustrated.’

Before his passing, McCain repeatedly spoke out against Trump on issues like his repeated cozying up to dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rather than a consistent engagement with the late Senator or his allies on the issues that concerned them, Trump responded with behavior so belligerent that staffers decided to cover up McCain’s name on a warship that had been dedicated to him when Trump delivered a speech to try and avoid any outbursts. Originally, the White House had asked that the ship be “out of sight” of Trump’s speech vantage point, but considering it was out of service, moving the vessel would have proven a burdensome challenge.

Although Trump claimed no personal knowledge of that debacle, the issues between him and the late Senator go well on from there. During one speech, he complained that he wasn’t thanked for providing McCain the funeral “he would have wanted,” but Trump did not provide funeral arrangements. The National Cathedral, where the funeral Trump might have been referring to took place, doesn’t operate according to presidential order.

In that same March 2019 speech, Trump went after McCain for submitting information that he’d received about the Russia scandal to the FBI. He insisted that when presented with this evidence of possible cooperation with a hostile foreign power on the part of a U.S. presidential campaign, McCain should have run the info by Trump first — as if this is some kind of Mafia state where only the “approved” evidence gets turned over to authorities.

As conservative resentment of Trump grows, a second Republican presidential primary challenger to Trump has emerged this weekend in former Congressman Joe Walsh, although there’s no clear indication he’ll be able to topple Trump.

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