Trump Tweets Midnight Mental Collapse From G7 Summit (IMAGES)


Mr. Trump is attending the G7 Summit in France and needless to say, it is not helping our country’s foreign relations in the least. However, the president jumped on Twitter and of course, tried to blame everyone else for the giant mess he has caused.

Not surprisingly, Trump blamed six other countries saying they are all trying to force the U.S. into a recession. He boasted that “our Country, economically, is doing great – the talk of the world!”

Trump wildly ranted in a series of tweets:

The Twitter world wasted no time correcting his delusions:

It now goes without saying that Trump’s behavior is unpredictable and foreign leaders are likely wondering how the events of the day may take a turn now that the megalomaniac is in France.

CNN reported:

‘Given the president’s brazen, erratic behavior and mood in the last few days, the idea that he could repeat his tantrum and early departure at the last G7 Summit in Canada last year cannot be ruled out. After all, he just pulled out of a state visit to Denmark because it refused to discuss selling Greenland.’

The G7 is comprised of several rich democracies that include Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Canada. This gathering is precisely the type of event Trump and his supporters have huge disdain for, especially in light of Trump’s “America first philosophy.”

Mr. Trump’s large changes to foreign policy have also opened wide gaps with Europe in several areas including climate change, Iran, trade, and Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube