Bernie Beats Biden In Polls, Gets Big Time 2020 Endorsement


Bernie Sanders is a force to be reckoned with. He is now neck-and-neck with Joe Biden, who has slipped 20 points in the polls. He is gaining traction with hard-hitting activists like Shaun King and Cardi B, who are now practically campaigning for the presidential candidate. Bernie has a real shot this time so long as the DNC doesn’t interfere again.

Now, Bernie has pulled the support of The United Electrical Workers, a major U.S. union that presidential candidate strive to be endorsed by.

The union said this in a statement:

“Bernie understands the need for workers to have a democratic, independent union movement that is unafraid to challenge Corporate America’s stranglehold on our economy.”

Last week, Bernie released his plan to increase union membership, which has now led to him being backed by a union that includes 35,000 American workers. Bernie said this:

“Corporate America and the billionaire class have been waging a 40-year war against the trade union movement in America that has caused devastating harm to the middle class in terms of lower wages, fewer benefits and frozen pensions.”

“That war will come to an end when I am president. If we are serious about rebuilding the middle class in America, we have got to rebuild, strengthen and expand the trade union movement in America.”