FEC Vice Chair Quits Suddenly, Making Votes Impossible


This is a problem. The Federal Elections Commission is an agency that keeps American elections checked and balanced. Without the committee, pretty much anything goes, leaving Donald Trump with a plethora of dirty tactics to use against his 2020 challengers.

News broke moments ago that Matthew Petersen, the Republican commissioner of the FEC, turned in his resignation letter to the president on Monday.

That letter can be seen below:

The president has not yet responded to the resignation, despite being on Twitter all the live-long day. He has literally commented on two other resignations today, and nothing about the FEC chair.

Could he be strategizing?

According to the FEC website, this departure makes it impossible for the agency to do its job because:

“By law, no more than three Commissioners can represent the same political party, and at least four votes are required for any official Commission action. This structure was created to encourage nonpartisan decisions.”

Commissioner Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub had this to say about the divided agency:

“It’s not a problem of gridlock, it’s not a problem of disagreement, it’s a problem of half the commissioners don’t agree with the mission of the agency.”