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Donald Trump has an established pattern of drawing people toward himself by turning on the charisma. Then, the president demands that they pledge loyalty to him. As long as they fawn over Trump and agree with him, everything is fine, but the president can turn on one thin dime. Take this, for instance.

‘Trump’s former communications director Anthony Scaramucci appeared on CNN’s New Day and called the president at the Group of 7 (G-7) Summit an “unmitigated disaster:”

‘”His America-first strategy is becoming America-alone,” says former White House communications director Anthony @Scaramucci about President Trump’s weekend at the G7 summit, calling it an “unmitigated disaster.”‘

Scaramucci added that the U.S. president has found himself “isolated:”

‘He’s more or less been isolated by the other leaders. The French government brought in the Iranian foreign and finance ministers to discuss things without even letting the president of the United States know. Again, his American First strategy is becoming America Alone.’

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Last week, after Trump added new tariffs on $500 billion worth of Chinese products. This was in response to China adding tariffs on U.S. auto parts, farm products, and other items. Then, POTUS tweeted that he would “hereby order” U.S. companies to leave China:

‘I’ve been saying for the last two weeks that he’s melting down at the core. A couple more weeks like this, I think it is an unmitigated situation. You’ve got to get Republican leaders to come in and say the truth as some point.’

Scaramucci also said international business leaders have been taking note of Trump’s mixed signals:

‘It’s complete irrationality and the markets know this and so the markets have lost patience.’

Trump met with reporters during his meeting with the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi. He tried to bill himself as a world leader by pointing to China’s President Xi Jinping:

‘China called, last night, our top trade people, and said, “Let’s get back to the table.” So, we’ll be getting back to the table. And I think they want to do something. They’ve been hurt very badly, but they understand this is the right thing to do. And I have great respect for it. I have great respect for it. This is a very positive development for the world.’

In an interview with The Market Watch, Scaramucci said:

‘This is an issue of mental instability and demagoguery [a lot of] stuff that [Trump] is doing now is consistent [with previous acts.] But, I don’t remember him calling himself the “King of Israel” and “the chosen one.” A red line has now been crossed. I can’t in good conscience support this man for re-election.’

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