Trump Holds Extended Press Conference At G7 – Humiliates U.S. Instantly


Last year, there was a classic photograph of a truculent Donald Trump sitting at a desk with his arms crossed. The rest of the leaders were standing over him, and Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel was leaning over the desk and into him. This year was far different.

In a wide-ranging press conference, POTUS discussed: Iran, China, Russia, trade, and his Florida property. The theme throughout the news conference signaled Trump’s optimism. He said repeatedly “I do nothing for policy.”

The president of America blamed President Barack Obama for the G-7 ejecting Russia. However, this was not a unilateral decision. With no provocation, Russia invaded Crimea and annexed Crimea.

The U.S. president said, as MSNBC reported:

‘It was annexed during Obama’s term. Crimea. I’d say I’m sorry if I did that. Russia does their submarine work there. Pure and simple. [Russia’s President Vladimir Putin] Could have been stopped, but President Obama was unable to stop it. Putin outsmarted Obama. Thinking about the world and this country, isn’t it better to have Russia inside rather than outside of the tent?’

As far as next year, Trump said that he would invite Putin, but the American president did not know whether the invitation would be accepted:

‘The G-7 host can invite anyone you want. It’s a pretty tough thing for him [Putin.] Whether or not he would come, it’s a tough thing to do. He’s a proud man.’

This issue was not as simple as Trump tried to make it. Ukraine supported a war criminal who had been killing thousands of people. The Russians also invaded the American elections.

French President Emmanuel Macron invited Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to the G-7 and has been working behind the scenes to arrange a meeting between Iran’s president and Trump in two to three weeks. Macron said he would mediate. POTUS said:

‘Two to three weeks. I’m not ready for that. I’m not looking for a leadership change in Iran. That doesn’t work. It is simple, No nuclear weapons, no ballistic missiles.’

Realistically, with an embedded theocracy in Teran, Iran, that has been very difficult. The U.S. would be far closer to working a deal with North Korea.

China has not changed stipulations that Trump drop his tariffs. At the same time, POTUS has demanded that the U.S. companies move out of China.

‘There have been many high-level calls. The vice-chairman of China released a statement that China wants to make a deal, to have a calm environment.

There have also been numerous calls with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and others:’

‘President Xi, he’s a tough guy. Very outstanding in so many ways. But China’s stealing our intellection properties. I don’t want to do business with China. We have to balance the trading agreement to a certain extent. If we can, we would make a deal.’

On climate change, the U.S. president said:

‘I harbor skepticism. The U.S. has tremendous wealth. I’ve made that wealth come alive. We’re the number one energy producer in the world. I opened Anwar in Alaska. Reagan wasn’t able to do it. I did it. Tremendous wealth. I want the cleanest water on earth, the cleanest air. I’m an environmentalist. I’ve done many more papers on the environment.’

Trump will host next year’s G-7 meeting. He wanted to hold it at his Dural Golf Club in Miami, Florida, so he and pitched it to the reporters. When they asked about a conflict of interest, he said:

‘It’s such a natural. If I wanted to make money, I’ve lost three to five billion in the presidency. I do nothing for politics. I just do what’s right, what I really think it’s good for the economics of the world.’

The Forbes magazine fact-checked Trump’s statement previously and found it was not accurate.

When asked about creating global economic instability, if that was a strategy, POTUS replied:

‘It’s the way I negotiate. Sorry. Here’s the story. I just make a deal. They don’t have the guts you can’t continue to go on with $500 billion out every year. It should have been done by other people, Obama, Bush. Double Bush. Even Reagan. I’m going to do it.’

The American president appeared to get along well with the U.K.’s Prime Minister Dave Johnson:

‘For Brexit, Johnson’sthe right man for the job. Can Johnson get deal with EU before Oct. 31st? I gave [former Prime Minister May] Theresa my deas. Dave’s a very, very good person, and she’s a very, very good woman. Johnson, I think it’s going to be doing a great job. He’s very smart very enthusiastic. Really loves your country…It’s the right time for Boris.’

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