Trump Tweets About Catastrophic Accident In Iran Like He’s Guilty


The president says some pretty shady stuff on Twitter, and few know exactly what is true and what is fabrication, especially since the president is known for lying through his teeth on a regular basis.

Now, the president has commented on a ‘catastrophic accident’ at a launch site in Iran, and no one is sure exactly how much of what he said is true. This is what Donald said on Twitter:

According to The Independent:

“The tweet comes a day after Iran minister of information and communications technology denied that the explosion had occurred.”

“The president’s tweet was accompanied by a high resolution photo of the site, with several areas highlighted and labelled. Commercial satellite images had previously been available following the rocket’s explosion, showing smoke billowing from the pad that had recently been given a fresh coat of paint. Numerous vehicles had been spotted at the site in preparation for the launch attempt.”

People immediately had something to say about the timing of Trump’s post, as well as the mystery surrounding the incident. Below are some of the responses Trump got to his tweet: