Trump Live Tweets Sunday Afternoon Gibberish As Hurricane Approaches


That education Donald Trump’s father bought for him must not have been worth the paper it was printed upon. First, POTUS moved Alabama from the nation’s southern coast to its eastern coast and into the pathway of Hurricane Dorian. Then, the president showed his education did not meet that available to most fifth-graders. Check this out.

Donald Trump stayed home from his scheduled trip to Poland to meet with the presidents of its country and Ukraine. He told Americans that he was staying home to monitor the situation with Hurricane Dorian, but they thought he was trying to avoid a conversation about military aid to Ukraine.

As it turned out, he really was concerned about the monster hurricane — hitting his resort Mar-a-Lago. In a meeting at FEMA headquarters, he told officials that he had “never even heard of a Category 5 (hurricane),” according to CNN:

‘We don’t even know what’s coming at us. All we know is it’s possibly the biggest. I have — I’m not sure that I’ve ever even heard of a Category 5. I knew it existed. And I’ve seen some Category 4’s — you don’t even see them that much.’

5ba7e79f-screen-shot-2019-09-01-at-4.31.46-pm Trump Live Tweets Sunday Afternoon Gibberish As Hurricane Approaches Corruption Donald Trump Education Environment Natural Disaster Politics Top Stories Then, the president added:

‘But a Category 5 is something that — I don’t know that I’ve ever even heard the term other than I know it’s there. That’s the ultimate, and that’s what we have unfortunately.’

As it happened, there have been four Category 5 hurricanes threatening the nation since Trump took office. The president was watching in realtime as Hurricane Dorian made landfall on the Bahamas Abaco Islands.

Reporters asked Trump on Friday whether he was worried about his southern White House, Mar-a-Lago, and he responded according to CBS affiliated in Miami:

‘The thing I’m worried about is the state of Florida.’

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham told reporters that Trump went to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters in Washington, D.C. She said he had been briefed “every hour.”

5f402e19-screen-shot-2019-09-01-at-4.32.09-pm Trump Live Tweets Sunday Afternoon Gibberish As Hurricane Approaches Corruption Donald Trump Education Environment Natural Disaster Politics Top Stories

Mar-a-Lago, is located on the island of Palm Beach, and it has been closed for the summer. The 1920’s mansion with 126 rooms has seen its share of hurricanes. In 2005, Trump’s insurance paid $17 million for hurricane damage. However, an Associated Press (AP) reporter discovered little proof of that much damage.

This climate-change-denying president said:

‘Landscaping, roofing, walls, painting, leaks, artwork in the — you know, the great tapestries, tiles, Spanish tiles, the beach, the erosion,” he said of the storm damage. “It’s still not what it was.’

Category 5 Hurricane Irma hit on September 2017:

‘Nearly early eight months into Trump’s presidency, Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded outside the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, affected at least nine US states.’

6a0f3153-screen-shot-2019-09-01-at-4.32.21-pm Trump Live Tweets Sunday Afternoon Gibberish As Hurricane Approaches Corruption Donald Trump Education Environment Natural Disaster Politics Top Stories

Hurricane Maria, Category 5, hit that same September 2017:

Hurricane Maria devastated the US territory of Puerto Rico, leaving behind an island that is still struggling to recover.’

Hurricane Michael was also a Category 5, and it hit October 2018:

‘Hurricane Michael, which was originally designated as a Category 4, barreled into the Florida Panhandle as the third Category 5 hurricane to blast the US since Trump.’

The president had a memory lapse, because during the period between when Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit, he said he “never knew” that Category 5’s existed. He said that these were unprecedented that neither he or anyone else had ever “heard of or witnessed:”

 ‘…people (in Puerto Rico) had never seen anything like (Hurricane Maria).’

Then, in October 2017, the president was surprised again in a Groundhog movie moment:

‘…nobody has ever heard of a (Category) 5 hitting land.’

Once again in 2019, Trump said he had never heard of a Category 5 strength hurricane. This even though Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5 storm that hit New Orleans, Louisana in 2005.

Scientists believe that the super-strength hurricanes will become more frequent in the Atlantic as Greenland’s ice melt erodes away due to climate change. Researches theorize that the warming oceanic waters fuel the monster storms. Certainly, climate change has been causing the ocean levels to rise. That would contribute to the impact of Atlantic hurricanes.

Trump said that he would provide federal assistance to state and local officials to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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