Labor Day Parade Canceled After Homeland Security Finds Explosives


Donald Trump has been inciting his faithful followers to endanger individual members of the media, the Mayor of Santa Cruz, Puerto Rico, and anyone he deems an enemy. The president has attacked four freshmen of color, the self-described “Squad,” so often they are pelted with death threats. What happened in New Jersey should not be a surprise.

Police arrested a Middlesex County man when they discovered a number of “bomb-like devices” near the South Plainfield Labor Day parade route. Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey’s first lady were scheduled to attend the event, according to

According to a senior law enforcement official with the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, his people found “over half a dozen” explosive devices on a man’s property near the parade route.

Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy had planned to be at the parade according to the governor’s spokesperson Dan Bryan. After authorities found the pipe bombs, the city officials canceled the parade and its affiliated festivities.

Homeland Security personnel found the explosive devices while they were conducting another investigation. Given the proximity of the man’s property to the parade route, officials decided to cancel the parade. The senior official said they were canceling “out of an abundance of caution.”

He described the landowner as a “rogue individual” who was in his 50s with a fondness for explosives. The suspect’s brother claimed that the explosive devices were “just fireworks.”

A source in Murphy’s office “confirmed Murphy was not a target or in danger. The explosives were not powerful enough to kill anyone.” Governor Murphy planned to appear at a Rutherford, New Jersey parade after this one, but the event was rained out.

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