Susan Collins Has Ruined Her Chances At A 2020 Comeback


Susan Collins pretty much sold her soul to the Republican Party when she voted in favor of confirming Now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Unfortunately for Collins, the GOP has sealed its own fate with the youth of America, and are firmly on their way out.

Now, a Maine newspaper, The Bangor Daily News, has published a story that has Collins seriously worried about her future as an American politician. The outlet reports:

“Some labor unions that helped U.S. Sen. Susan Collins win in 2014 say it’s too early to decide whether they’ll support her again in 2020 as her Democratic opponents courted workers over the Labor Day weekend.”

“Collins, a Republican, was supported by several labor unions in her last re-election race. Her campaign touted the endorsements heavily, and they were notable because unions typically support Democrats, though her race was uncompetitive and she won with two-thirds of votes.”

Those labor unions that pretty much got Collins elected are now having second thoughts about their endorsements, according to the publication. Ties to accused rapist Brett Kavanaugh are less than appealing in the liberal eyes of unions.

The paper continues:

“Democrats have used that vote to try to tie Collins — a pro-abortion rights Republican who voted against her party in 2017 to preserve the Affordable Care Act — to her more conservative colleagues on health care policy. But unions also took issue with his nomination.”

The AFL-CIO said that Kavanaugh has “a dangerous track record of protecting the privileges of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of working people.” So, Collins’ chances of winning endorsements of unions after giving Kavanaugh he vote seems highly unlikely now.

The publications explains:

“Collins’ 2014 endorsements included all four Bath Iron Works unions, a construction workers union covering Massachusetts and northern New England, two statewide police unions and four local firefighter unions. The Maine AFL-CIO backed Shenna Bellows, her long-shot Democratic challenger five years ago.”

“Three unions — the BIW Local S6, the LiUNA Local 327 and the Maine State Police Association — that previously endorsed Collins say factors like health care, job security, labor rights and Collins’ support of Kavanaugh are weighing on their minds.”

Jay Wadleigh, a former president of the machinists’ union had this to say about endorsing a candidate for 2020:

“There are some great things she’s done for us and other things we wish she’d gone the other way on.”

“I’m sure there’s going to be a huge debate on this one.”

This is due to Collins’ great contributions to the union over time, but one thing is for sure. A vote for Kavanaugh is a vote against progress.