Trump Tweets About 34 Death Boat Fire & Gets Reamed For It


The president has tweeted a ridiculous amount of times Monday morning, and while it is Labor Day weekend, Americans are wide awake and reading the president’s stupidity as he posts it. Trump woke up and tweeted at least a dozen times before he started reposting the news.

Headlines broke of a massive boat fire and 34 casualties on board at around 4:45am on the west coast, but the president was too busy name-calling and attacking real patriots like ‘The Squad.’

Now, he’s finally seen the news, so he’s retweeting KTLA, the Coast Guard, and the fire department, and acting like it is somehow work. Not only is retweeting headlines something presidents simply do not do, but not working is also unexpected for the presidency of the United States.

Honestly, we’re just surprised he’s not golfing.

This is what Trump retweeted:

People responding to the president’s posts were not very happy with his complete and utter lack of common sense. We saved the best reactions to Trump’s tweets below: