New Details About Odessa Shooter’s AR-15 Will Make Your Blood Boil


Mitch McConnell calls himself the “Grim Reaper.” He is the toll keeper standing at the bridge toward American gun safety, mowing down any gun control bill from entering the Senate. Some say he is waiting to find out what bill Donald Trump would pass, but maybe not. The National Rifle Association (NRA) gave POTUS’ 2016 campaign $30 million. Meanwhile, here is what happened after the last Texas mass shooting.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted that the Odessa gunman had a criminal history and failed a background check to buy a gun:

‘Not only did the Odessa gunman have a criminal history… …he also previously failed a gun purchase background check in Texas… …& he didn’t go thru a background check for the gun he used in Odessa. We must keep guns out of criminals’ hands.’

The home-grown terrorist had an AR-style rifle to fatally shoot a trooper, two police officers, and four other people. The youngest was 15-years-old. He also shot a 17-month-old little girl in the face and the chest, and 25 others. AR wounds are not pretty.

The owner of the AR rifle had a history of unstable criminal activity. He was arrested for “evading arrest [and] criminal trespass” in 2001. Both charges were misdemeanors. Hours before his rampage through Odessa, Texas, he had been fired from his trucking job in the oil fields. Still, officials have not given any official motivation for his shooting spree.

FBI Special Agent Christopher Combs said, according to The New York Times:

‘When he showed up to work, he was already enraged. It is not because he got fired. I can tell you that thousands of people call law enforcement every day with crazy ramblings. That’s not the bar. The bar is when somebody makes threatening comments or when you see actions that are leading to illegal behavior. And that’s hard. That’s very hard because of the amount of calls that we get.’

The killer had called 911 call and the FBI’s tip line several times after he was fired. The company had also called 911. This terrorist led the state troopers and police on a high-speed chase, randomly firing at people in cars. His chase ended at a movie theater, but officials did not say whether he intended to go inside.

Along the way, he shot Leilah Hernandez, a high school sophomore and basketball star. She was standing at a car dealership with her older brother. One of her friends at her vigil said:

‘Just Friday we were talking, and she was telling me how proud she was of me. And she was giving me words of advice because I wasn’t having too good of a morning. It was already time to go to class, so we said our I-love-yous and hugged, but I wish I would’ve held on longer.’

Police shot and killed him behind the theater.

Neighbors said that the terrorist was an unusual man. He used to stand on the roof of his dirt-floor house and shoot small animals, which he later ate.

Weeks earlier, another mass murder killed 22 people at an El Paso, Texas Walmart and wounded dozens.

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