Trump Responds To London Mayor’s Criticism Like A Big Crybaby


Donald Trump hates Sadiq Khan. The two have been going back and forth for years now, and while Trump gets criticism from pretty much everywhere, there are only a few people he focuses his hate on. The mayor of London is one of those people, and it really makes you wonder if the politician’s religion has anything to do with it.¬†Khan is Muslim, so by Trump’s standards, he shouldn’t be allowed to enter the U.S..

That doesn’t stop the two men from arguing with each other in the press.

Trump just responded to Khan’s criticism of the POTUS going golfing while Hurricane Dorian is ravaging parts of the country.

Logical, right?

Not for Trump, who believes he is justified in playing sports while Americans are dying. This is what Trump responded to Khan:

People instantly went crazy over the complete goofiness of our current president. We have all the good responses saved for your below: