Trump Hit By Backlash Tidal Wave After Weird Hurricane Scandal


The president is getting ridiculous with the Hurricane Dorian coverage, as his constant tweeting and retweeting is pretty much overkill, and no one with a brain is going to go to the president’s Twitter feed for life-saving tropical storm information. Just days ago, Trump got in trouble with the press for issuing a warning for the state of Alabama.

When the media had to correct the president’s assumptions in order to keep people in Alabama from panicking, the president came out and whined about fake news. Then Wednesday, Trump tweeted a White House video of himself holding old chart paths for the hurricane, and using a Sharpie marker to try and prove his already debunked point that Alabama was never believed to be in any kind of danger by anyone who knows anything about meteorology.

Trump tweeted this hours ago, and it set off a tidal wave of backlash:

People immediately started in with the hilarious comebacks, and we saved the best ones for you below: