Trump Makes An Ass Of Himself During Hurricane Briefing (VIDEO)


The president is really trying to make up for letting 3,000 Americans die in the wake of Hurricane Maria, but he may be overcompensating just a tad because these non-stop weather reports via his Twitter page have become a bit much. First, no one in the hurricane’s path is looking for pertinent information on Donald Trump’s Twitter page. Second, he can’t be trusted to deliver actual news after warning Alabama that they could be hit, a move that media outlets scrambled to correct.

Now, Trump is filming White House briefings of the storm, and doing an okay job at pretending to be interested in the slightest. Check him out:

The stupid is scary with this one, and people watching via his social media were not amused over his clear bias for a storm hitting an area of the country where white Americans reside.

We saved the best responses for you below: