Trump Sends Message To His U.K. Clone & It’s Troubling


What is the source of all these Donald Trump Mini-Mes around the world? Russia helped elect POTUS with a rich supply of stolen Clinton emails and internet influence. Is it possible that Russia’s Vladimir Putin has managed to insert other little Trumps around the world? Check this out.

Trump just claimed that he was not concerned about the newly minted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to The Washington Times. After all he said, his friend “knows how to win:”

‘He’s a friend of mine, and he’s going at it, there’s no question about it. Boris knows how to win. Don’t worry about him.’

Johnson wanted a United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union (EU) and go it alone. The government wanted to modify his precipitous escape. A “no-deal” Brexit vote would shuck off all of those modifications and go for the great escape.

He suspended Parliament to push through a straight Brexit implementation, but now Johnson has lost his majority.

The British Parliament just defeated the hardliner pro-Brexit Johnson twice in less than one day. They voted to move for a bill blocking Johnson’s “no deal” Brexit legislation, according to Britain’s The Sun. The new prime minister fired 21 members of the Conservative Party after they voted against him.


Johnson’s mantra was that he “alone” could repair Britain’s Brexit problems. Former Prime Minister Theresa May caused a shock after she threw in the towel after failing to pass any Brexit bill and called a “snap election.” That let her escape and hopefully increase the Conservative’s sway over Parliament.

Instead, her majority dropped 13 seats. That was how Johnson took over her job without a general election. He vowed he would never travel to Brussels, where the European Union was headquartered to ask the EU President Jeremy Cobyn for a “pointless” extension.

The Brits have a way with words. Boris Johnson appeared to call Jeremy Corbyn a ‘great big girl’s blouse” in this video of the EU’s House of Commons:

America’s oldest allies think that as Trump “becomes less stable,” he will hide behind his “bluster and incompetence” more often, lie even more frequently, and “lash out more frequently.” They say that if the U.S. had the British government system, the Republicans would “collapse under the weight of Trump’s stunning incompetence…(and) no longer sustain the illusion of sanity let alone strength.”

The solution, according to the Sun “is democracy,” people taking to the street to protest. Conservatives have taken on Johnson, but American Republicans will not follow that example and end “America’s Trumpian nightmare sooner rather than later.”

Trump’s friend’s only alternative would be to call for a general election should enough members of his party side with his plan. That would mean the fourth general election in five years.

Johnson told Britain:

‘We are leaving on October 31, no ifs or buts. We will not accept any attempt to go back on our promises. I believe we will get a deal at that crucial summit in October. Let’s get Brexit done.’

Normally, the party with the greatest number of seats in the House of Commons sets up the government. Then, whoever leads that party becomes the Prime Minister.

The House Speaker John Bercow sided with Johnson against delaying Brexit another three months after the October deadline. In the middle of his speech, another Conservative Parliament member, Phillip Lee, stood up and in dramatic fashion crossed the aisle to join the opposition.

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