Jim Acosta Master Trolls Trump Over Fake Hurricane Map


The White House is not rushing to deny that Donald Trump used one of his engraved Sharpies to alter a weather map, which is illegal and caused great concern for many people unnecessarily. Now, the truthtellers have come calling.

POTUS made a mistake when he listed states warning people about Hurricane Dorian along the nation’s east coast. He erroneously including Alabama, and his great coverup unfolded before our very eyes.

CNN’s chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted about how the president’s lies just kept dragging the leader of the free world deeper and deeper. The journalist tweeted:

‘This is NOAA’s map archive of Dorian as it headed toward the US. As you can see the forecast does not show the storm threatening Alabama on Sept. 1, the day Trump sent his false tweet. (You can watch the map in motion below)’ https://nhc.noaa.gov/archive/2019/DORIAN_graphics.php?product=5day_cone_no_line

Then, CNN’s correspondent pointed at another map of lies:

‘The National Weather Service in Birmingham corrected Trump three days ago. Trump still held up an altered weather map of Dorian in the Oval Office today.’

The president appears incapable of admitting a slight mistake, and the country has watched as he added lie upon lie. Trump had to alter a map to “prove” that he was right.

POTUS has surrounded himself with yes men and women most of his life who did not cross his version of reality. The uncomfortable truths of reality and the national stage cause him to anger and call the media his enemies.

To track the projected pathway of the monster storm, click on this link.

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