Mike Pence Arrives In Ireland & Gets Instantly Humiliated On Video


Donald Trump did not want to go to Poland to celebrate the start of World War II 80 years ago. U.S. allies criticized him for staying in the states to allegedly monitor Hurricane Dorian at Camp David — especially when people caught him out playing golf at his Sterling, Virginia resort for two days. Someone else took his place, though.

Next in line to the presidency Vice President Mike Pence went to Poland and then on to Ireland for a NATO visit. Trump “suggested” he stay across the country at his golf resort, 180 miles away. The president told him to commute to Dubllin, all on the nation’s dime.

Pence brought his mother, sister, and wife with him. Taxpayers had to cover his expenses, including flying back and forth to Dublin and all of the Secret Services’ costs. The vice president did cover his family’s expenses, thus engaging in breaking the law. Government employees cannot give their bosses over $15.00

The VP’s family emigrated from Ireland in the 1920s. Immigrant Council of Ireland Pippa Woolnough told The Irish Examiner:

‘Everyone has the right to apply for international protection. No child should ever be detained.’

The welcoming party to him was, well, absent. Ireland streets were eerily empty, especially with the streets blocked off with metal fencing to hold back the nonexistent crowds.

Later, a parade did show up for Pence. Hundreds met outside the Dail (Irish legislature house) and waved rainbow flags at him to protest the VP’s homophobic stance. They were dancing to the music of The Village People — as in ‘Y-M-C-A’ and RuPaul while wearing Pence masks.

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Executive Director of Amnesty International in Ireland Colm Gorman said LGBTQ+ organizations in Washington D.C. did the same after the 2016 Trump win. Colm wrote in a statement, Out.com reported:

‘Today was a both a celebration of who we are in Ireland now, as well as a show of solidarity to those being hurt by the Trump/ Pence administration’s policies.’

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar told Pence several months ago: “

‘I really hope you will be able to accept my invitation to Ireland very soon and I can guarantee you a very warm welcome is waiting for you.’

The White House released a statement supporting U.S. and Ireland solidarity. It did not mention the protestors, according to The DC Tribune.

‘The vice president underscored the unwavering strength of the U.S.-Ireland relationship.’

Ironically, Pence’s meeting was with the openly gay Irish elected official and his husband. Apparently, Varadkar did not change the VP’s attitude, even though this was the second time they met.

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In a NATO speech, Pence threw the weight of the U.S. behind Brexit. He recommended the British government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson negotiate “in good faith” toward an agreement that “respects the UK’s sovereignty and minimises (Irish/British spelling) disruption to commerce.”

Pence told The Examiner:

‘I first came to Ireland the year my grandfather passed in 1981. I saw the two-room house he grew up in. I spent weeks cutting turf in the peat bogs. I learned how to pour a proper pint working in Morrissey’s pub in Doonbeg. I met people with broad smiles and strong opinions and I came to realise (Irish/British spelling) that I carry around Ireland with me wherever I go. Just like more than 30 million trace their heritage to the Emerald isle, and Irish Americans have enriched our nation since its earliest days.’

Check out Pence’s welcome below:

‘The Land of Ire gives no shits about Mike Pence.’

Featured image via Twitter.

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