Another Retail Chain Announces No Gun Policy – GOP Boycotts


A very long string of mass shootings that have riddled the country for the past many years now is finally getting the attention of corporations who are starting to see that maybe allowing people to bring weapons into their establishments isn’t smart. These shootings finally hit home when Walmart locations were targeted twice in a week, one such incident ending in the slaughter of 22 people.

Now that Walmart has finally asked people not to open carry in their stores, CVS is getting in line with the potentially life-saving policy, as anyone who walks in the door with a visible firearm will be immediately scrutinized by employees. CVS and Walgreens also tend to employ armed security guards, which may deter an assailant.

CVS Tweeted this Thursday:

The reviews were mixed, but for the most part, the Americans of sound mind agreed that CVS was smart in making this policy change. A few people, who can’t put two and two together, claimed that not allowing people to carry guns in the store would somehow make the store more dangerous.

Because we all know how many mass shootings are prevented by armed citizens.

Regardless of common sense, we saved all the reactions to CVS’ tweet for you below: