Trump Attacks Obama In Pre-Dawn Twitter Outburst Like A Hater


The current president is green with envy and he has been since before he won the 2020 election. He just hates how much liberals love the first black president, so much so that he conveniently left the Democratic Party around the time that Barack Obama was elected. Before that, Trump was a proud Clinton donor who often spoke of his political opinions in interviews.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Now, nearly three years after Obama left office, Trump is still attacking him on Twitter like the loose cannon he is. Obama is no longer relevant in Trump’s world, but he simply cannot shake the fact that Barack can speak in full sentences and doesn’t get mocked for making fake hurricane maps without having the sense to hide the damn Sharpie he used to alter said map.

Check out what the “president” tweeted moments ago:

People immediately responded in anger to what Trump is saying about one of the most beloved presidents to ever hold the once prestigious Oval Office seat. We saved all the best reactions for you below: