Trump Goes On Crazy Friday AM Rant Over Sharpie-Gate Scandal


Trump is going out of his mind over the fact that he was caught red-handed altering an official weather map to suit his false claims that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian. He couldn’t just say it was an accident, “my bad.” No, he has to go on a ridiculous, days-long tirade over how the “fake news media” is making up lies to smear him as part of his fabricated witch hunt.

Trump just tweeted this rant:

Is he on drugs? Like, for real. What is wrong in the brain of Trump? Why is he so dead-set on keeping up his lie, when we all saw the obviously altered map, and the sharpie he used to alter it sitting right in front of him.

It’s insane.

Check out what people viewing the tweet had to say about Trump’s weird behavior below: