Trump’s Arch-Nemesis Scoffs At NOAA Claims To Silence Donald


The president is having a hard time getting anyone to believe the story he is trying to sell about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama. The storm obviously never hit the southern state, as legitimate maps predicted, but that hasn’t stopped Trump from blowing up his social media account to swear up-and-down that he was right.

After almost a week of pure nuttiness from the president, the NOAA caved to the pressure put on them by the White House, releasing a statement that took full responsibility for the blunder.

Immediately reporters were calling out the obvious BS, and once Trump’s archenemy Jim Acosta got wind of it, it was all over. Acosta took to his Twitter page to sound off on the scandal:

It does seem a little fishy, right? Why did it take five days to issue a statement if Trump was right from the beginning? Why did their affiliate tweet that the president was incorrect within minutes of the president’s blunder?

Everyone who read Acosta’s tweet was in agreement that the president has likely pushed the organization into ruining their credibility by basically saying that they had forgotten to broadcast an update about Alabama being in danger after telling Trump that Alabama was going to be hit.

The NOAA posted this update around the time of Trump’s now infamous tweet. Alabama is not mentioned:

We saved all the best comments people left on Trump’s tweet for you via screenshot: