WH Press Secretary Humiliates Herself On Twitter With Blatant Lie


When Stephanie Grisham jumped into the Trump administration’s fray recently as their new White House press secretary, if you thought a change in personnel could freshen up their operation — you’ve quickly been proven wrong. Grisham has proven ready and willing to go to bat for President Donald Trump’s belligerence to the point of eagerly tweeting what turned out to be a blatant lie this past week about The Washington Post. She insisted that rather than scrutinizing the president’s potentially destructive behavior — because we should just turn a blind eye, she apparently thinks — they could have spent their time writing about Trump’s historic visit just inside the border of North Korea. The problem is — The Post did report on that.

Accompanying a link to a post on the official White House website complaining about The Post‘s coverage, Grisham had written:

‘They could have written about the first time in history a sitting United States president walked across the DMZ into North Korea. Not a chance.’

Again though — there’s more than a “chance.” On June 30th of this year, The Post published a story with the headline:

‘Trump becomes first sitting president to set foot into North Korea’

There’s not really anything ambiguous there, even if Grisham was referring specifically to a context they could have written about that in. As is, her statement is a lie.

Trump’s short foray into North Korean territory — which was, in fact, the first of any sitting U.S. president — comes as he continues to attempt to use the power of his personal charm or whatever to try and woo the North Koreans to the side of giving up their nuclear weapons. Trump’s gone so far that at one rally ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, he proudly proclaimed that he and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un had written each other “beautiful letters” and fallen “in love.” That’s no doubt the first time that a sitting president had ever used that language about a murderous dictator like Kim — but Grisham would likely easily find some issue with reporting on that simple fact.

Her comparatively short time in the White House has been marked by gaffes like revelations of arrests for drunk driving as recently as 2015 and about her time working press relations for Arizona state Republicans. In that role, she repeatedly engaged in procedural stand-offs with reporters over critical coverage.

Check out the criticism Grisham earned for her latest gaffe below…

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