Trump Retweets Vile White Supremacist Like A Hitler Wannabe


President Donald Trump is again trying to conduct some kind of foreign policy via Twitter, and in the process, he’s turning his rhetoric into a pile of questionable nonsense — at best. After parroting a border security official claiming not before Trump had Mexico ever worked towards border security like they are now (false), this Saturday morning, he took to the platform to rant about Russian relations with Ukraine as if he’s in any position to act like a guidepost along the way to Russia toning down its totalitarianism. Trump has over and over again freely capitulated to Russian President Vladimir Putin to the point of “joking” with him that they should “get rid” of critical journalists — but we’re supposed to take Trump’s comments about Russian reintegration with the rest of the world seriously? Not likely.

Trump posted:

‘Russia and Ukraine just swapped large numbers of prisoners. Very good news, perhaps a first giant step to peace. Congratulations to both countries!’

It’s true that Russia and Ukraine have agreed to swap prisoners. However, it’s also true that Russia maintains an iron grip on the Crimean peninsula — which is part of Ukraine, and it’s also true that Russia has shown no indication of giving up their election meddling and democracy destabilization efforts in the United States and elsewhere.

Yet — Trump remains eager to go as far as reintroducing Russia to the currently G7 coalition of world leaders anyway, even lying about why they were expelled from what was previously the G8 coalition in the first place. Trump claimed it was Obama’s fault because of pressure after he felt “outsmarted.” In fact, the majority of the countries were in favor of the expulsion after the Crimean invasion. So Trump should sit this one out.

This Saturday morning, he also amplified yet another message from virulent British nationalist Katie Hopkins, who’s made a name for herself with spewing angry racism left and right. She’s a former contestant on Trump’s defunct reality tv show The Apprentice — and we all know how much Trump loves his ego.

Check out Twitter’s response below…

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