Trump Spirals Into Twitter Insanity Over Sharpie-Gate Scandal


The president simply cannot let anything die. He drudges up issues he had with people years ago and randomly attack them on Twitter. Not really for the last week, however. For seven days now, Trump has been on a cleanup mission to restore the dignity he apparently thought he had.

After misspeaking about the path of Hurricane Dorian September 1st, potentially causing chaos for Alabamans who suddenly thought they were in danger, Trump lied about misspeaking and started calling out the media for allegedly lying about him.

Trump has literally ranted every day since then about what he sees as a major issue, and he is still going at it on Twitter. Check out what he just posted:

The nerve, right? People were not amused by the president’s online antics, and their frustration could be felt in the comment thread of the post. Check out all the best responses people left below: