New Trump Public Tax Money Funnel To Private Business Uncovered By NY Times


Donald Trump committed the biggest scam in American in history. After he was elected in the 2016 presidential election with the help of the Russians, he set out swarms of feelers for any other opportunity to skim cash into the Trump organizations’ coffers. Here is the latest big steal.

POTUS directed his Air Force to send its planes to refuel at an out-of-the-way remote Scottish airport and their crews to stay at one of his golf resorts. He said that he gave the Air Force a discount, but the military was paying about twice as much as they would have at the air force bases — where they normally went for refueling.

The Turnberry Golf resort has been underwater until recently. After milking the Air Force, it has begun to show a profit.

SOURCE: Screenshot via YouTube.

The president had been in office just about six months before signing a contract with the Air Force, according to The New York Times:

‘Here is the signed contract from AUGUST 2016 .’

The US Air Force has confirmed that its personnel stayed at Trump Turnberry in March 2019. The New York Times obtained copies of the statements. The military personnel had to pay so much of their per diem for their rooms, that that they could not afford food.

SOURCE: Screenshot via YouTube.

The Times obtained a copy of the “individual payments:”

‘Here are the individual payments, which started in OCTOBER 2017. Click for a listing of every payment.’

As with his other golf hotels, Trump managed to get tournaments’ business. Unfortunately, since the president took office, any property with the Trump name has lost value.

This is the full statement obtained by The Times:

‘US Air Force has confirmed that its personnel stayed at Trump Turnberry in March 2019. Here is the full statement to The NYT.’

Trump renovated the old hotel, but ended up in continuous disagreements with his neighbors. One argument was over wind turbines nearby.

The USAF had to drive 54 miles from Prestwick to the Trump Turnberry resort. The rate was $136 per night. If they had stayed in Glasgow, which was just 31 miles from Prestwick, they could have paid $89 per night. Glasgow has 15,000 hotel rooms in the city of 600,000.

The Trump discount might not have been all that it was cracked up to be. Ivanka Trump is being investigated for allegedly violating tax laws during the Trump inauguration. She offered “discounted rates” significantly higher than averages in Washington, D.C.

It appears that the White House has given the “government agencies, officials, and the military” a directive to stay at “Trump-owned” locations. That is a major violation of the executive branch laws. Government employees may give their bosses a maximum of $15.

In another serious breach of conduct, Vice President Mike Pence’s stayed at the Trump National at Doonbeg resort 180 miles from his international Dublin, Ireland event. He had to commute by air. Not only that, the Secret Service was also forced to stay at Doonbeg. These were a “criminal misuse of taxpayer funds and corruption.”

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