Trump Tweets Insecure Sunday Afternoon Mega-Rant


If there’s one policy proposal that defines President Donald Trump’s time in power, it’s his relentless push for a border wall in between the United States and Mexico. Despite his persistence, the project has faced numerous setbacks — but with a video of a belligerent message delivered on the White House lawn, Trump wants his most rabid supporters to know that everything is supposedly getting along just fine. Despite the uncountable latest instance of him claiming the news media is suppressing the truth, the border wall is coming along nicely, he says. (Hint: it’s not, and you can’t exactly debate what you can actually go look at. His campaign to block off an entire ethnicity is sputtering.)

Still, Trump railed:

‘The media won’t tell you this, but we’re building the wall, and we’re building it on an expedited basis. It’s going up fast, and we’re putting it where the border patrol most wants it… We’re taking money from all over, because as you know, the Democrats don’t want us to build the wall, they’re fighting us at every step, but our military has stepped up and they’ve done a fantastic job… We’ve taken out thousands of gang members. We don’t want them in our country. We let em know it really strongly.’

Trump’s discussing the plans for a reallocation of billions of dollars away from military construction efforts towards the border wall construction project. He wants this to look like some kind of big kum-ba-ya moment, but what was the military supposed to do when faced with a presidential order to give up some cash — say no? Did Trump ask the Fort Campbell schoolchildren left still in barely passable conditions and now having to wait even longer for a new facility thanks to the funds transfer whether they were cool with it?

No doubt, he did not.

Despite his long-running posturing, there is no insurmountable threat at the southern border. There is no invasion. Many of the gangs he loves to point to as supposed evidence of threats from immigration have their roots right in the United States. Yet, money keeps getting swiped for this wall effort anyway.

Check out Twitter’s response below…