President Trump Finally Agrees To Release His Finances


Donald Trump has been promising his tax records ever since he began holding rallies. At first, he was waiting for an audit to clear, but then, it became the world’s longest audit. After claims of corruption, POTUS decided to make another promise.

The president spoke to reporters on the White House grounds, as he has taken to doing as opposed to holding daily briefings in the White House Press Briefing Room. The room has been collecting dust.

On his way to South Carolina to view the Hurricane Dorian damage and hold a rally in North Carolina, POTUS said that he intended to release detailed financial holding records before the upcoming election, according to POLITICO:

‘At some point prior to the election, I’m going to be giving out a financial report of me, and it will be extremely complete. I’m going to give out my financial condition and you’ll be extremely shocked that the numbers are many, many times what you think.’

When reporters asked if that meant he would show his tax returns, he did not respond. He refused to release his tax returns during his run for president in 2016, unlike decades of previous presidents. In fact, the House Democrats have filed lawsuits over them and continue to hold investigations.

The president promised to release his financial report prior to the upcoming 2020 presidential election in November. That should be especially interesting given how Trump eclipsed the military and squeezed money to resuscitate his failing golf resorts.

News recently broke that the Air Force had been diverted to the Trump family’s Turnberry, Scotland resort. In addition, Vice President Mike Pence stayed at Trump’s Doonbeg, Ireland golf resort. It was strange, given that the resort was across the country from where Pence was attending an international event. He commuted by plane.

Trump refused to take credit for the procedural change by going to either location:

‘I don’t need to have somebody take a room overnight at a hotel.’

Democrats have opened an investigation into the events under the umbrella of corruption in the White House. It appeared that the president has been milking the government for personal gain in several locations.

Trump said that he would place his assets under the control of his two older sons, but that did not pan out. Traditionally, presidents sell their assets or put them in a blind trust.

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