Todd Palin Files For Divorce & His Reason Is Pure Comedy Gold


Sarah Palin has been the butt of so many political jokes that it’s hard to believe the woman is still standing. After single-handedly destroying John McCain’s chances at the presidency in 2008 with her wonky interviews and completely mad speeches, Sarah Palin continued to fight for relevance in politics, which is why the Trump campaign gave her solace.

She thought for sure that no other political candidate would ever be stupid enough to associate themselves with her after McCain, but she had overestimated the likes of Donald J. Trump, who jumped at the opportunity to reach out to American southerners, which Mrs. Palin is really good at portraying.

Now, news has broken that Sarah’s husband Todd has finally had enough of the weirdo once and for all. Todd has filed for divorce because he just can’t stand to live with her any longer.

Blogger Craig Medred found the public documents and reported them via his blog.

Medred states that:

“A certain TMP has filed for divorce from a certain SLP in the Anchorage Superior Court.”

“The initialized filing was unusual enough that some court watchers took note. Not only are the names of those involved disguised, the names of the attorneys representing the plaintiff and defendant are absent from public viewable, online, court filings.”

“The case was filed Friday. Fridays are considered the day when news is most likely to slide under the radar of Alaska’s mainstream media.”

The blog continues:

“Further, the use of initials made it impossible to even find case number 3AN-19-09716CI by name search on the court’s website. The court’s search engine requires the use of both first and last names.”

“Several sources said they are sure the filing is the oft-rumored divorce of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the north’s biggest ever polebrity, and her Irondog snowmachine race-winning husband Todd.”

“By Sunday, the state’s word-of-mouth tundra telegraph was atwitter with speculation that the divorce some have long expected has officially begun. But no one claimed to have been specifically told that by either Sarah or Todd.”

The site also released the following legal note:

“At this time, the unusual filing cannot be fully confirmed as the Palins. A former state lawmaker from the Valley well acquainted with them suspects it was their divorce filing, and two friends of Todd said that though they couldn’t officially confirm the filing, a divorce wouldn’t surprise them in the least.”

“A motorsport enthusiast, Todd was scheduled to appear with Sarah at a Sturgis, South Dakota motorcycle rally in early August, but was noticeably absent. Sarah said he was out flying around Alaska.”

“The press contact at was not responding to messages.”

This is not the first time the word divorce was thrown around in the press regarding Mr. and Mrs. Palin, but this seems to be the first time the claim holds any validity. We can only say about Todd that his patience, understanding, and endurance are vast.