Former Trump Staffers Defect & Leak Detail On His Mental State


In the wake of episodes like President Donald Trump spending days obsessing over proving himself somehow right in having claimed Alabama would feel effects from the recent Hurricane Dorian despite the state sitting well outside of forecasted impacts, concerns about his mental state just keep piling up. Has he gone so far off into his egomania that he’s become — in the truest sense of the word — unhinged? Is there any turning back for the guy who has lied a documented well over 10,000 times in office? During an appearance this week on CNN, former White House officials including Anthony Scaramucci and Peter Wehner insisted that no, there’s not. Trump has gone off the deep end, they insisted.

Scaramucci — who was a supporter of Trump and served a brief stint in his White House communications office before eventually recoiling in some kind of horror even he couldn’t stand — suggested that Trump looked “sedated” at a North Carolina rally this past Monday night and his “personality” was degrading even further.

As he put it:

‘He’s got a loss of confidence going on — and he’s got a loss of personality at the same time. I’m not a psychologist, but I was around the campaign, and I was with the guy. You get a sense for a person’s personality.’

What kind of vulnerability is the country exposed to if the already documented as off-the-rails, wannabe despot experiences a further craze? What’s next? How much lower can we go?

Wehner, who served as an adviser to George W. Bush, among other roles, suggested that there’s little to nothing keeping the security of the country in line here. He asserted:

‘Donald Trump’s disordered personality — his unhealthy patterns of thinking, functioning, and behaving — has become the defining characteristic of his presidency… What I would say is that his condition is getting worse, and the guardrails are getting less… With Donald Trump, there’s no bottom. This is like a car on a steep hill without brakes. It’s just going to accelerate and there’s not going to be a way to stop it.’

If you want evidence for Trump’s disordered personality characteristics, just check his Twitter feed. On a routine basis, he takes to the platform to hurl insults at a dizzying array of interests from celebrities to fellow world leaders as if he’s trying to assert dominance at a playground. Seriously — why should he expect anyone to take him seriously when years after facing her in an election, he still seems to refuse to refer to Hillary Clinton as anything other than “Crooked Hillary”? That’s just one example of MANY.

Wehner cited evidence of just how off-the-rails Trump really is including his “extreme narcissism, his addiction to lying about things large and small… his detachment from reality, including denying things he said even when there is video evidence to the contrary” and more.

There’s been a steady drumbeat of concern about the president’s mental state for some time, but it’s only been increasing as this crazy train keeps on hurtling down the tracks. Some have alleged top-level discussions in the president’s inner circles about invoking the 25th Amendment’s provisions for dealing with an incapacitated president and kicking him out of office — but that hasn’t happened.

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