Trump Throws Embarrassing Tuesday AM Twitter Tantrum


Donald Trump has not made a definite decision on whether to keep Mike Pence on as vice president. The president is not loyal to anyone, even though he demands unwavering loyalty in return. Pence probably knows this, because he has been sucking up in interesting ways– like this.

POTUS started off bragging about how North Carolinians liked him so much. There is a special election today for a new representative:

‘Last night in North Carolina was incredible!’

The president did all that he could do to promote the Republican:

‘THANK YOU Fayetteville, North Carolina! Make sure you get out and VOTE TOMORROW for Dan Bishop in #NC09 and Greg Murphy in #NC03!!’

Does Trump ever mention the victims of Hurricane Dorian? Only to say those without visas would be turned back and they were bad people? How unforgivable was that:

‘Great job by the U.S. Coast Guard!’

Trump pointed to damage in North Carolina as the Bahamas lay totally flattened and crushed:

‘Received an update on Air Force One at MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina, regarding damage caused by Hurricane Dorian.’

Then, he retweeted first daughter Ivanka Trump’s unemployment numbers for Alabama:

The Alabama Success story: Since the Trump election.


The unemployment rate has fallen 2.5% and reached an all time low of 3.3%


Monthly initial unemployment insurance claims have tumbled over 26%


Wages are up! We’re just getting started.’

As the face of the president, Ivanka met with “+175 leaders from gov., industry & academia:”

Great to be w/ +175 leaders from gov, industry & academia for the @WhiteHouse #AIinGovSummit to highlight innovative efforts underway across Fed agencies to use #AI to improve gov services on behalf of the American people + look forward to future transformative applications!’

POTUS’ retweeting daughter #1 continued:

‘In August, the African American unemployment rate fell to a historic low of 5.5 %. African American women are benefiting most with the adult (20+) female African American unemployment rate falling to a new series low of 4.4 %.’

Then, it was Pence’s turn. This was his attempt at cheerleading:

It has been two and a half years of promises made and promises kept which is why we need FOUR MORE YEARS of President @realDonaldTrump in the White House!’

The VP stood next to Trump in North Carolina as the president’s Mini-me:

Here in North Carolina, we believed you could be strong again and we believed you could be prosperous again. You said yes to President @realDonaldTrump in 2016 and tomorrow we need you to say YES to @jdanbishop for #NC09!’

Pence continued sucking up:


‘Thrilled to be here in the great state of North Carolina with a man who has been fighting every day to keep the promises he made to you, President @realDonaldTrump!’

Then, the leader of the free world stood in his White House quarters and yelled out to North Carolina, as if that would help:


Twitter world went nuts. Check out some of our favorites below:

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