Trump Tweets Anti-Migrant Gloat In Latest Racist Twitter Meltdown


President Donald Trump is no fan of immigration. If there’s one thing his administration has proven defined by, it’s their consistent crackdowns on the practice, targeting everyone from the undocumented to the documented. This Tuesday evening, he took to Twitter with what for him was an apparently gleeful share of data demonstrating that less and less asylum seekers were actually staying in the United States. The question is — what does he or anyone else think would happen following the imposition of harsh, purposely punitive policies like breaking up asylum-seeking families, keeping asylum seekers who do make it through in demonstrably dangerous, unsanitary conditions, and more?

Alongside a chart demonstrating that the “number of undocumented migrants staying in the US is rapidly decreasing,” Trump wrote gleefully on Twitter:

‘Incredible progress being made at the Southern Border!’

Besides the harsh actions Trump and his associates have themselves taken against asylum seekers, they’ve also consistently sought allies in Central America in their campaign against granting asylum and undocumented and even documented immigration overall. The administration has implemented an agreement with Mexico that’s facilitated the transfer of tens of thousands of asylum seekers back over the border into the country to await asylum hearings in the United States that they may simply be unable to stick around for in the dangerous conditions they’re left in.

There’s also a controversial deal the administration recently signed with Guatemala that if implemented would see them become responsible for any asylum seekers who pass through the country on the way to the United States.

Check out Twitter’s response below…

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