Trump Stutters & Stumbles As Cameras Roll – W.H. Embarrassed Again


In case you forgot under the weight of all the not exactly overly “humanizing” stories coming out of the Trump administration, President Donald Trump has a young son named Barron who’s 13 years old at this point. If you did forget, you could be easily forgiven, because perhaps under the weight of his egomania Trump himself might have forgotten too, based on some comments he offered this Tuesday at the White House while discussing a newly announced ban on certain kinds of flavored electronic cigarettes. He bluntly referred to Barron as Melania’s son — but again, he’s Donald’s son too.

He told those gathered, discussing the e-cigs, which have, indeed, spread far and wide among youth even as traditional cigarettes overall remain on the downswing:

‘We can’t have our youth be so affected. And I’m hearing it — that’s how the first lady got involved. She’s got a son… together, that is a beautiful young man. And she feels very, very strongly about it.’


That’s not how normal people refer to their children. Maybe this disconnect, offered as he continues to define his time in office with wildly lashing out at anyone and everyone he can helps explain why Barron and Melania never really associate with Donald very much. According to some gossip reporting drawn from behind the scenes in the White House, Melania and Donald don’t even share a bedroom in the White House.

On her own time, Melania hasn’t even done much while in the role of First Lady. She did unveil an anti-bullying initiative — but its rollout included material that was essentially lifted straight from an Obama-era program. And she hasn’t exactly done much with that program, hosting really just a relatively small number of meetings/events and that’s it. She’s traveled with her husband when he’s gone overseas sometimes… but again, that’s pretty much it.

None of this is to say that she’s some kind of dissenter in the White House, though. She stood by Donald through his earlier claims about Barack Obama supposedly being not really surely born in the United States for instance, and in the few public appearances she has made, she’s offered complaints about “bullying” she’s faced. So this may be a bizarre train of events…. but she’s on board, at least.

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