ABC Affiliate Shows Image Of AOC On Fire – Immediate Boycott Ensues


Republicans loathe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They hate any woman who was raised with the notion that her opinions, her voice mattered. To the white men running the GOP, she is an immediate threat that needs to be villainized before she can be taken too seriously.

Just one problem.

AOC has already gained crazy traction in the Democratic Party which is raising some serous eyebrows in the Republican Party. They know that in just a few short years, she will be old enough to run for president, and once that happens, there is no stopping her.

Now, an ABC affiliate is receiving major backlash after airing an ad used by a GOP super PAC. Here is the ad below via Twitter:

AOC immediately responded to the ad via her own Twitter page. She posted the following:

Check out he responses AOC got on her tweets below via screenshot: