Judge In Trump Corruption Case Ruins Donald’s Day


The president pretty much does whatever he wants without worry of the rules that are in place to keep a president honest. Trump wants nothing to do with anything honest, including the Emoluments Clause. “The clause is an anti-bribery provision that forbids any U.S. president from receiving gifts from foreign leaders and is derived from the Latin word “emolumentum,” meaning “profit” or “gain.”. The Emoluments Clause is Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution,” according to USA Today.

Friday morning an appeals court ruled that the Emoluments Clause case waged against President Trump will be allowed to continue, despite appeals from the POTUS.

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the case the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) brought alleging that the president had illegally profited off of the presidency, could go on after being thrown out by a lower court.

The court docs state:

“Plaintiffs have plausibly pleaded that the President’s ownership of hospitality businesses that compete with them will induce government patrons of the hospitality industry to favor Trump businesses over those of the Plaintiffs so as to secure favorable governmental action from the President and Executive branch.”

Executive Director of CREW, Noah Bookbinder, had this to say to the president:

“If President Trump would like to avoid the case going further and curtail the serious harms caused by his unconstitutional conduct, now would be a good time to divest from his businesses and end his violations of the Emoluments Clauses of the Constitution.”

The president is pretty angry over, not only the case, but the very existence of the Emoluments Clause. He said last month that he’d never heard of such a ridiculous word. Trump said this while speaking to employees at a Shell petrochemical plant in Pennsylvania:

“I got sued on a thing called emoluments. Emoluments. You ever hear of the word? Nobody ever heard of it before.”

Trump continued:

“And what it is is presidential harassment, because this thing is costing me a fortune, and I love it. I love it because I’m making the lives of other people much, much better.”

What a joke.