Gun Derp Livestreams Himself Going Into Walmart Armed (VIDEO)


Gun-loving Americans are everything that’s wrong with the country. Evolution isn’t exactly modern America’s strong-suit, so where many other nations have either removed guns completely or placed strict gun laws, Americans refuse to allow any kinds of regulation that could save lives. And we pay for it with a never-before-seen consistency in domestic terror incidents using AR-style rifles like the ones used in war.

Conservatives are so in love with their guns that they are actually testing the new no-gun policy that Walmart stores across the nation have enacted following the deadly mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas where 22 people died.

The guy in the video below thought he was going to make a viral video showing Walmart that his second amendment rights didn’t end when he got in their store.

He was wrong.

He did go viral, however, not for the reason he was likely hoping. The unknowledgeable man in front of the camera gets owned by a fed up cop:

People responding to this tweet doubled down on the cop’s embarrassment of this random Walmart shopper. Check out the hilarious reactions to the video below: