Trump Makes Sudden Foreign Policy Announcement On Twitter


President Donald Trump insists on using Twitter as an official communications arm of his presidency, resorting to the platform to fire people, to make major plan announcements — and, this weekend, to roll out details of a phone conversation he had with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which Trump apparently sought a new joint defense treaty. The call and tweets come after Israel was alleged to have planted a surveillance device near the White House, a report Trump dismissed, saying he didn’t believe it. Not only that — but he’s ready to push forward with a joint defense agreement with Israel, even while consistently deriding such agreements with countries that aren’t currently led by right-wingers. His opposition to NATO is well-documented.

Trump wrote:

‘I had a call today with Prime Minister Netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a Mutual Defense Treaty, between the United States and Israel, that would further anchor the tremendous alliance between our two countries. I look forward to continuing those discussions after the Israeli Elections when we meet at the United Nations later this month!’

Trump has palled around with Netanyahu plenty already, with the controversial Israeli leader consistently pointing to Trump as a leading friend of Israel even above all past presidents — something sure to get Netanyahu on the notoriously egomaniacal Trump’s good side. Could this joint defense agreement be like Netanyahu leveraging that positive sentiment for personal benefit? It could be, but only time will tell for sure.

Unsurprisingly considering the entirety of precedent, Netanyahu denied the reporting claiming his team was spying on the White House, although concerns along these exact same lines have been raised many times before. Either way, it doesn’t seem to have fazed Trump, who runs his foreign policy based almost entirely at times on personal feeling — just look at how kindly he’s treated North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Also this Saturday morning, Trump retweeted a couple of posts from Republican Congressmen yet again alleging abuse of the domestic surveillance framework by those in the Justice Department who’ve investigated Trump.

Check out Twitter’s response…

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