Trump Goes Berserk Over Obama’s Netflix Deal On Twitter


Donald Trump has been singing his song of “poor me.” He claims that the Democrats, the media, and even the media have been mean to him. What an odd position to take for the supposed leader of the free world — such a strange claim for the most powerful man in the world. Is he up to the job?

In his morning tweets, POTUS addressed drones attacking the Saudi’s oil production in a round-about way. He reminded people of Iran shooting down a U.S. drone:

‘Remember when Iran shot down a drone, saying knowingly that it was in their “airspace” when, in fact, it was nowhere close. They stuck strongly to that story knowing that it was a very big lie. Now they say that they had nothing to do with the attack on Saudi Arabia. We’ll see?’

Then, the president was off to threatening that Democrats would “take your guns away:”

“Democrats would rather talk about gun control than get something done.” Governor John Sununu @FoxNews @BillHemmer The big questions are, will they “move the goalposts” and, is this just a ploy to TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY? I hope NOT on both counts, but I’ll be able to figure it out!’

POTUS tweeted that the Robert Mueller report and testimony “failed on everything else:”

‘They failed on the Mueller Report, they failed on Robert Mueller’s testimony, they failed on everything else, so now the Democrats are trying to build a case that I enrich myself by being President. Good idea, except I will, and have always expected to, lose BILLIONS of DOLLARS..’

Of course, he headed back to the poor-me stance, crying out that he had done “the best job…in many decades.” Was he enriching himself? He said “radical left Democrats are crazy!” to believe that:

‘….for the privilege of being your President – and doing the best job that has been done in many decades. I am far beyond somebody paying for a hotel room for the evening, or filling up a gas tank at an airport I do not own. These Radical Left Democrats are CRAZY! Obama Netflix?’

Twitter world went crazy. Check out these favorites:

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