California Protests Break Out Upon Unwelcome Trump Visit


No matter where he goes, Donald Trump is followed by crowds of protestors. His helicopter pilot tries to avoid those crowds, so that the president will believe that he is welcome. Yet, there is one great big visual message that leaves no doubt that POTUS is definitely not wanted.

It has taken quite a bit of detective work to discover the president’s schedule for the locations. Given that it takes awhile to set up, advance warning is necessary. With Trump in California, the Angry Baby Trump balloon will fly in two locations where the president planned to show up: the Bay Area and in San Diego.

The most expensive part of the great flight is helium, which is a limited chemical element. It cost $4800 for the balloon to fly for two days. The effort has been has been funded by contributions in the U.S. and abroad. The frequent flier has shown up in South America and Europe. It originated in London, U.K.

Trump was originally scheduled to fly in San Francisco, but the protest organizers received an anonymous tip that told specifically where the president would be located at a luncheon. The Baby Trump will fly in the South Bay. People can find the balloon by following this Facebook link.

Fly high and proud Trump blimp baby…

— Andrew Roslak (@beavis617) September 17, 2019

POTUS will:

‘…be heading to Beverley Hills for dinner, and will likely spend the night in LA before heading to San Diego in the morning.’

The group believes that there might be a Trump fundraiser about the Border Patrol or the Wall. If the president goes to the border or to a meeting with Border Patrol agents, the protestors will fly baby Trump there, too. Its Facebook page read:

‘If he goes to visit a military base, then we will plan to fly it outside the base.’

‘When the people lead, the leaders follow.’

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The Backbone Campaign has been working across the country:

‘…to build a broad social movement that honors life, community, nature, and our obligations to future generations as sacred’

There will be some limitations for protestors:

‘Baby Trump will not be directly outside the event. However, there is nothing that prevents the organization from moving closer to a RNC fundraiser. In the Bay area, the balloon must stay a block or two away.’

The protestors’ page read:

‘This is a protest against the President of the United States, and his Administration. This President, Donald Trump, is a criminal, a human rights violator, a tax cheat, a racist, a rapist, and a complete buffoon who has made this nation the laughing stock of the world. He has appointed the worst, most vile swamp monsters into his Administration and cabinet; horrible people like Betsy Devos, Ryan Zinke, Jeff Sessions, William Barr, and Stephen Miller. He has lied to the American people over 12,000 times. He has insulted, berated, and abandoned hurricane victims, while giving comfort and solace to Neo-Nazis and Proud Boys who murder people in the streets. The list goes on and on…’

Backbone Campaign, which manages Baby Trump, is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. As such, it cannot support or endorse any candidate or party. It cannot and protest the RNC and the Trump Campaign.

However, its page reads:

‘This Administration must be stopped. We demand that Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and all of their appointees resign, immediately. If they don’t, then ALL our other elected officials must push for impeachment and removal from office, ASAP.


Featured image is via Facebook.

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